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Marlo Saalmink

“During her course-work at POLIMODA, where I am a senior visiting lecturer for the MA programmes, Shirin always demonstrated excellent aptitude to tackle any assignment given.

She is very flexible, devoted to the task at hand, and likes to think in solutions. Next to this, she is an eager learner, able to research efficiently and most ready to fully join the fashion industry.


I would warmly recommend her!”

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Curator at Large & Artistic Director


Vennesla, Vest-Agder, Norway


Theo Grassl

Professor at: NYU - New York University, Macromedia Universitiy, LMU München, University of Vienna, Polimoda Fashion Institute Florence


“Shirin Raipur is one of the students I remember very fondly.  She was always friendly, inquisitive and open-minded, and thus enriched the lectures, exercises and seminars in a refreshing way.


Her consistent presence as well as the continuous preparation and follow-up of the subject-specific contents reflected her ambition and her success-oriented manner.


When working on assignments in a team, she always demonstrates great skill and does not shy away from presenting the results she has achieved.  She actively participates in discussions of relevant topics and convinces with her professional competence.


I can recommend Shirin unreservedly and without reservation.”

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“Shirin is a devoted person and was to me a very skilled student. She has a real ability to manage relations and work in an effective way. I recommend her!”

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Lilit Boninsegni

Fashion Business Department Coordinator

Brand Manager, XCONCEPT

Florence, Italy


Danny Christensen

Storyteller, Photographer, Writer, Director, Author, Advertising Account Planner
Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

“As the fashion photography professor at Polimoda, I had the pleasure to have Shirin as a Master student.

In my classes, I weigh evenly on conceptual development as well as the final visual communication piece such as a campaign shoot.

Shirin showed a strong understanding of the connections between a brand's DNA, the conceptual communication idea/approach, and the target group.

Her understanding of visual communication is accompanied by a deep cultural inspiration from her heritage that she uses in her communicational approaches to visual storytelling.

I can highly recommend Shirin as a young professional, and as a lovely, compassionate human. “

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Marco Crisci

“Shirin attended my class of Business Administration during her Masters in Fashion Marketing and Communication and I can say that she is a serious professional, well determined and focused on results, able to transform an original idea in suitable strategies and tactics.


Her strategic vision is remarkable: it has been a pleasure working with her.”

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Consultant, Lecturer, Professor at Polimoda

Florence, Italy


Rossella Catanese

Postdoctoral researcher, and an adjunct professor in the field of Film Studies.

Florence, Italy

“I have personally supervised Shirin Rajput's research paper for my course “Archaeology of Fashion Film” at Polimoda Fashion School, Florence.

Shirin has been able to identify references to investigate how brands are adopting fashion films as a genre to establish communication with their audience, above the traditional advertisement strategies.


This means that she has been able to examine the visual storytelling managed by fashion film to play with the audience's knowledge, vision and thought, understanding how this phenomenon produces new content, not only as a new marketing tool for the brands in the digital age, but also as an artistic and experimental form that intertwines fashion and cinematic culture.

I have appreciated Shirin's accuracy and dedication as a student, and I am confident that she will be able to pursue any career in the field, thus I recommend her for any endeavour she chooses to pursue.”

Vincenzo Lodato

President, Creative Director, Professor at Polimoda

Ex Creative Director of Universal Studios Hollywood, Ex Creative Director of GD Magazine

Florence, Italy

“It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for SHIRIN RAJPUT. During the time she attended my classes at Polimoda in Florence, Italy, Shirin was always creative, attentive and inquisitive.


Her work was professional and her attitude was always positive.


She was a joy to have in class. Shirin would a be an asset to any company who would be lucky enough to have her on their team.”

A. Fabio Mogavero

Mass Media Communication Strategist & Storyteller at Polimoda and an Administrator at Simulacrum S.r.l

Milan, Italy

“It’s my pleasure to offer my unreserved recommendation for Shirin Rajput.


Shirin has attended my course “Mass Media communication & Society”, which she completed with laude.


Her attendance has always been consistent. During each class she has showed interest, enthusiasm and curiosity, signs of a pro-active mind constantly in seek of knowledge for improvement.


Her active participation to the class discussions were prolific and always on spot. Thanks to her professional attitude I believe she proved herself worthy of the trust and reliance of any employer she will encounter in her professional journey.


I’m certain she will be an asset and will contribute greatly to your organisation and that’s the reason why I recommend her without reservations.”

Nicola Caramia

University Lecturer - Bespoke Executive Education & Personal Development Coach

London, United Kingdom

“Shirin has an array of strengths to offer an employer. She demonstrated excellent organisational skills. Her ability to lead successfully was shown each time she volunteered to be team leader of a research group and she was able to solve any problems encountered quickly and effectively while listening to others.

She has excellent communication skills  In addition, she is extremely organised, reliable and computer literate.

Shirin can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her I would highly recommend her.”


Assistant Professor at Pearl Academy Of Fashion, Delhi

New Delhi, India

“Shirin Rajput has been one of my finest students in Pearl Academy. She is hardworking, articulate, and is not afraid to explore new avenues in the field of media and fashion. Her knowledge and understanding of Fashion Media are also exemplary and I have always seen her put in her best for any project that she undertakes. She has team spirit and is able to lead a team when required.”


Brand Photo Mentor at Canon India

New Delhi, India

“Shirin is very hard working, honest and talented girl . regards Rohit Dhingra”

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